Thursday, February 9, 2012

A picture that might add to those words from BC Ferries

So, the Queen of Burnaby, fresh out of refit, needs a drydock in a big way.
"Our engineers have determined that the problem with the Queen of Burnaby is in the propeller hub, and that means we do have to drydock the ship in order to facilitate those repairs," said BC Ferries spokesperson Deborah Marshall.
The average ferry user could be excused for believing the problem described by Marshall is minor. Until you look at this.
That complex looking gizmo, the whole thing, is a cut-away view of a ship's propeller hub.

Ms Marshall is being truthful but perhaps didn't leave those reading her words with the correct impression. The Queen of Burnanby left refit and was put back into service with that critical mechanism not functioning properly.

I'll be watching here.

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